Noelle Osterbur, Controller: "The OppLoans culture is built on balancing an employee-friendly, high-performing atmosphere and customer-forward service."

I first heard about OppLoans because I had previously worked with our CFO. When he began building out the finance department, he reached out to me and told me all about OppLoans, how it was a young, growing company and how it was this incredibly vibrant work environment. He was right.

When I first visited the office, I was struck by how excited everyone was about their work, about all the things to come for the company, and especially about OppLoans’ mission to serve the underbanked.

That was something I hadn’t really experienced before: Employees being excited to come to work every day and help this underserved sector of our community.

That excitement translated to the company atmosphere, which was really friendly. When it comes to doing the work, everyone was locked in and pushing as hard as they could to better serve our customers.

The company was growing fast! We were on half a floor in the Prudential Building when I joined, and things were getting tight. We are still growing. In the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding from one-and-half floors in the same building to two-and-a-half floors.

The OppLoans culture is built on balancing an employee-friendly atmosphere and customer-forward service.

I’ve worked at places where employees had to dress up every day to go to work. OppLoans isn’t like that. It is understood that we’re all busy working hard for our customers and focusing on that is more important than wearing a suit to the office. It’s the opposite of stodgy.

Our culture is a testament to our leadership: to our founder, Todd Schwartz, our CEO, Jared Kaplan, and the rest of our C-Suite. They understand that in order to put the customer first, we need to work incredibly hard, and that means creating the best work environment possible.

When you’re at work in an office for many hours every day, that office should be a place where people want to come, filled with people they want to work with, all pulling together to create a good, positive environment. Bringing an element of fun helps to offset how hard everyone is working.

One of the ways we do that is with regular company-wide events. They bring people together from different departments across the company. These are folks you don’t necessarily interact with day-to-day, and it fosters the feeling that we’re all one company.

I feel that togetherness, that sense that everyone here is pulling for one another, every day. I see people celebrating each other’s successes and encourage one another to be the best possible employee they can be.

As far as the office space itself, it’s the nicest space I’ve ever worked in, hands down. It’s a really bright, open space; just overall, very inviting. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

Regarding my team: When it comes to accounting, you want to make sure everything is as exact as it possibly can be. So that means working hard until the job is done—until the data we’ve been given is in the form you need it to be.

It’s a huge job. Huge. Everyone on my team owns a specific task or field, but we all keep our eyes on the big picture as well. That way, we’re always ready for the next step.

Obviously, with accounting, your background and experience are going to be important. But so is your attitude. You need to be a hard worker, yes, but you also need to have a positive attitude and be open to change.

We might be past the initial startup phase, but we’re still growing. This isn’t a place for someone looking to do the same exact thing. We want people who are excited for every new challenge.