Rahul Tanniru, Site Reliability Engineer, “My colleagues and I support each other every step of the way.”

At many tech companies, the requirement to support systems 24/7 turns into an expectation that can affect outside interests. Your job is tech and – at least as far as your supervisors are concerned – your entire life should revolve around tech.

OppLoans is different. Not only do we place a premium on coworkers actually enjoying the people who work alongside them, but we understand that people have outside interests – and we encourage them!

Our team is really good at helping each other balance company priorities and personal needs. We help each other work both harder and smarter. Don’t get me wrong, we work in a real-time environment, and sometimes urgent matters take precedence, but we place great value on putting people first.

Whether that is collaborating on work projects or connecting through our outside interests, my colleagues and I support each other every step of the way.

For me, I love sports: badminton, dodgeball, beach volleyball, softball, and indoor soccer particularly. Many of my colleagues also love sports, so while we work hard alongside each other all week, we also get together and play against each other on the weekends. Some of these matches are organized through our Oppletics employee-led community or organized by the tech team members.

We also support each other when we need flexibility. We all focus on delivering high-level work, meeting deadlines, and work as a team to accomplish our goals. But we also ensure that team members have flexibility in their schedule for personal commitments. In my case, that often means badminton tournaments!

Sometimes, we are able to mix work and sports a little more closely. The tech team is currently participating in an all-Chicago tech startup ping-pong tournament. During our breaks and on our lunches, we are holding our own department-wide ping-pong tournament to determine who will  represent us at the big showdown.

Tech can be stressful, especially at a growing fintech, as the work we are doing has very large ramifications for the business. OppLoans is willing to go the extra mile to take care of us because they know that we will go the extra mile for our customers in return.