Shraya Soundararajan, Senior Analyst: “I thought it had a lot of promise—and I was right.”

The story of how I came to work at OppLoans is pretty straightforward. I was an undergrad at Northwestern and I applied to an internship through the company’s career page.

Next, I interviewed with Jared Kaplan, the CEO, and Ray Chay, the Senior Vice President of Product and Operations. This was back in 2016 when the company was less than 40 people. It’s over 300 now.

After I interviewed with Jared and Ray, they offered me an internship which I accepted. Initially, my internship was split between Finance and Business Operations. Once I realized that I enjoyed the finance part more, I transitioned to working solely with that team.

Once my internship ended, I was given an offer to return full-time after I graduated the following year. I started as a business analyst in June 2017.

When I started my internship, OppLoans had just moved to our new offices on the 16th floor of the Prudential Building. (We now occupy the entire 34th floor and half of the 35th, and soon the entire 33rd floor, as well.) The offices were fairly small, but it was a very cool environment. Things were lively, and everyone was really friendly.

It was clear to me that OppLoans was growing. I thought it had a lot of promise—and I was right. One of the main reasons I decided to start my career here was because I knew I would gain a lot more experience than I would at a bigger, more established company.

After spending a year as a business analyst, I was recently promoted to Senior Analyst for Capital Markets. As a part of the capital markets and treasury side of the finance team—both critical to the company’s daily functions—I start with a lengthy to-do list every morning.

On the capital markets side, I communicate with our lending partners and prepare reports for them to secure funding day-to-day; I also assist with new deals, reviewing documents and providing input.

On the treasury side, I manage our cash flow for the company, making predictions on how much cash we’re going to have and how much cash we’re going to need based on expected funding. Those numbers dictate how much capital we’ll need to draw from our lending partners.

As we continue to grow, we have to create new partnerships to support the needs of the business, and we also have to create new processes beyond what currently exists. I work quite a bit with the credit team, especially, to create those processes for new lending partners as our needs evolve.

And as we continue to grow our team, the overall workload is going to be increasing. For me, this means managing more of these projects instead of doing everything myself. I’m excited to take on that extra responsibility.

OppLoans is a dynamic place to work. No matter what, I know I will always have the chance to learn something new and get more exposure to something that I haven’t seen before.

Creating those new processes from scratch isn’t easy. In fact, I’d say it’s the most challenging part of my job. But it’s challenging in a good way; I’m getting all this great experience, often in fields I was unfamiliar with before.

Working at OppLoans, you get the best of both worlds. The company gives you the freedom to pursue new opportunities and build more skills while, at the same time, creating this wonderfully collaborative environment where everyone wants to help each other succeed.

This is the first job I’ve ever had, but I know that what we have here is very special.