How to Finance a Medical Emergency

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How to finance a medical emergency


We’ve all been there. Even when you’re budgeting carefully and spending responsibly, life can throw you some ugly financial curve balls. Maybe your kid falls off his bike and breaks his arm, or that cough you’ve been ignoring turns out to be more serious than just a seasonal cold.

Sadly, most of us will someday experience an illness or injury that requires medical attention, and even if you have health insurance, medical bills can pile up fast. Depending on what your plan covers, you could still be forced to pay out of pocket for more than you have in savings. If you’re uninsured, something as seemingly mundane as a few hours in the emergency room can turn into an expense that haunts you for years.

Medical debt can cause serious stress, but if you’re in the midst of a crisis, take a deep breath. There are many safe and responsible ways to handle a financial emergency. No matter your credit score or financial situation, you have options, and we’re here to help you explore those options.

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