Now that you’ve read this OppLoans eBook you’re better prepared to identify—and more importantly avoid—predatory lending in its most common forms: payday loans, title loans, and pawnshop loans.

You understand that these loans and financial products are designed to take advantage of those who have little to no savings, and little financial experience, and trap them in continuous cycles of debt.

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Predatory lenders target the most financially vulnerable consumers and, through deception and unfair practices, they make people’s lives worse, limiting their financial opportunity, and removing much-needed money from low-income communities.

There are lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups actively working to reduce the negative impact predatory lending has on our country. But what can we as individuals do to fight against this practice in our daily lives?

The first—and maybe most effective—action you can take to fight predatory lenders is to inform yourself and avoid their product.

Don’t give them any more borrowers to take advantage of. How can you do that? Start with yourself.

Your wallet, your finances, and your family will thank you!

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