Micah Fraim, Certified Public Accountant

“Before you file, one of the most important steps is to look at your return from the previous year. This will serve as a reminder of your situation and what documents you should be expecting. It’s also a great sanity check to compare to the current year’s return and make sure that there aren’t unexpected disparities year over year.”

Dawn Brolin, Accountant-in-Resident at The Neat Company

Dawn suggests using expense management software to better prepare for your tax filing. “Expense management software and applications let individuals use their smartphones to simply snap a photo of their important financial documents, like expense receipts and business invoices, before vital data points, like totals, purchase dates and vendor names, are seamlessly uploaded to the cloud, or even accounting software, like QuickBooks Online or SageOne. Using expense management software eliminates the monotonous and time consuming data-entry process, while putting all of your financial information in one place, where it is easy to review.”

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