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About the OppU Blog

Produced for a consumer audience with short-term, unexpected, or immediate financial needs, the OppU Blog is approachable, helpful, and entertaining, providing basic insights to everyday financial challenges. New to the topic of personal finance? No problem. We provide financial education 101, meaning we do not require a baseline understanding of personal finance to read our articles. Visitors to our blog will find articles, expert-driven tips, calculators, and other interactive experiences to help them on their personal finance journey.

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Editorial Policy

Our writing staff adheres to a strict editorial policy that values quality and accuracy above all else.

We write with integrity. The OppU Blog upholds standard journalistic principles to ensure all articles contain accurate information and are properly vetted. All of our content goes through a thorough review process to confirm each article includes easy-to-digest information and proper sourcing.

We value expert insight. We always seek to supplement our research and content with perspectives from respected subject matter experts in the fields of personal finance, credit, lending, consumer behavior, and more. Subject matter experts also represent a range of professional sectors, including, but not limited to, higher education, research, government, and nonprofit.

We refrain from advertorial content. While we will interview industry consultants from time to time, we do so selectively and solely quote them for their expertise. Advertorial language or advice promoting a specific type of consultancy service will not be published.

We won’t sell you short. Readers won’t find spammy articles or sales pitches in our content, and won’t come across links to other sites trying to loop them into scams or schemes. That would be a conflict of interest -- and we’re not interested in that. Except in rare circumstances, we refrain from linking to the following:

  • Competitor sites
  • Affiliate sites selling traffic to financial products
  • Marketing, PR, and communications professionals who lack relevant expertise

Article Submissions

Writers with an interest in contributing content to the OppU blog should review our editorial guidelines, which are available upon request. Please submit the following in your pitch:

  • 2-5 sentences about the context of the article and how it relates to the credit- or budget-challenged consumer.
  • How the article will differ from those already published on the OppU Blog (please do your research). Is there a timely element to it? Has there been a shift in the marketplace that raises a need for us to cover a repeat topic again?
  • At least one credible source you plan to attribute. You do not have to submit a comprehensive list, but your sources should provide an idea of how you plan to approach the topic with authority.

Pitches and editorial guideline requests may be sent to

Need more information?

Questions about our editorial guidelines or policies may be directed to

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