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Know Money, Win Money! Farmer’s Market

Andrew Tavin
Andrew Tavin covers budgeting and credit scores for OppLoans. His experience as a comedian lends an approachable and humorous angle to his content and makes the scary parts of personal finance less intimidating for readers.
Updated on March 18, 2021
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Fresh fruit and juicy cash.

Know Money, Win Money! has taken you to some of the most amazing places in the universe. The C2E2 comic convention. The Chicago Auto Show. Even space!

(Specifically, the space that contained Con Alt Delete, a midwestern anime convention.)

And at all of these places, we asked the important money questions and gave out money to people who provided the correct answers to those questions. But now we bring you beyond. To a place you can’t possibly imagine. A world of dreams and imagination where anything is possible.

Yes, we’re talking about the farmers market. This particular market was … lightly attended at the time we visited, but it was pretty chilly out, so it’s understandable. Now let’s get to the video!

Our first question asked what the most popular fruit in America is. Your first guess might be apples. After all, they’re used to make the most American pie there is. But surprisingly, it’s actually bananas.

“Is it mangoes? That would be pretty bananas!”

No, the most popular fruit is bananas!

“More bananas than mangoes? Is it cactus fruit or something?”

No. It’s bananas!

“OK, I get that it’s bananas, but what fruit is it?”


“The fruit is?”


“So what is it?”


“Ah, OK, I wish you had just said that in the first place.”

Anyway, our next question concerned the country that produced the most apples. And even though we’ve already established how American apple pie is, most of the apples in the world are not made in America. Like so many other things associated with America, most apples are actually made in China. So maybe we should be saying “as Chinese as apple pie!”

That’s been our show. Now go get something nutritious to eat and we’ll see you next time!


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