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The OppU Money Guide: A Financial Management Tool

Kelly Zimmerman
Kelly Zimmerman oversees all content for the OppLoans blog. Her focus is on creating engaging and easy-to-digest information for consumers who are looking for both immediate and long-term financial answers.
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Dr. Altman has over 25 years of experience in social science, public health, and market research, statistics, evaluation, and reporting. She has held positions with, and consulted for, many government, academic, nonprofit, and corporate organizations, including The Pew Charitable Trusts, the National Park Foundation, Stanford University, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.
Updated on July 22, 2021
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Pick up best practices for managing finances, from budgeting for all types of households to dealing with income challenges.

For a second consecutive year, OppU commissioned an online survey through Pollfish to interview 800 U.S. household financial decision-makers regarding their budgeting practices and attitudes towards managing their finances. Fieldwork was undertaken on April 12th, 2021. Respondents ranged from ages 18 to 64. Each of the four census regions were equally represented. The data was weighted to ensure proportional representation of U.S. consumers by age and geography. Margin-of-error is 3.46%, at a 95% confidence level, meaning if the study were repeated, 95 out of 100 times, results would range about 4% in either direction.

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