Meet Our Latest OppU Achiever: Jarai Njie

Jarai Njie

Name: Jarai Njie

College: University of Florida, Gainesville

Major: Public Health with Pre-Medicine

Graduation Date: 2019

Our latest OppU Achiever, Jarai Njie, plans to use her UF medical education to better healthcare outcomes for women in The Gambia.

We’re thrilled to announce the next recipient of the $2,500 OppU Achievers Scholarship, Jarai Njie, an advocate for women’s health and education! She embodies the power of opportunity to fuel achievement.

While growing up in West Africa, Jarai experienced first-hand the barriers to education and the health disparities facing Gambian women. In her community, the pursuit of higher education isn’t a normalized expectation. This means it’s often more fiscally convenient for young women to remain home, get married early, and have children. Jarai was fortunate to have a mother who was unwavering in her determination to send Jarai to the U.S., where Jarai holds citizenship. There, she explored the new wealth of opportunity afforded her to dream higher.

Now entering her senior year at the University of Florida, Jarai is studying public health and pre-medicine with an interest in emergency medicine. In addition to her studies, she is treasurer of the African Student Union, organizing their involvement with the Ronald McDonald House. She also works at Shands’ open clinic providing health counseling to the homeless, interns at the mental health center, and responds to on-campus requests via Gator EMR. After graduation, she’ll work as an EMT for a year before applying to medical schools, with sights set on residency and fellowship programs after that. Ultimately, she plans to become a certified gynecologist, open a clinic, and leverage resources from the U.S. to bring better outcomes to Gambian women.

Jarai is changing attitudes about women’s education. It’s not okay and not the norm to deprive women of opportunity. Rather, it is crucial to actively help them realize their potential. If there’s anything for girls and young women to take away from Jarai’s story, it’s that the sky is truly the limit.

Congrats, Jarai!

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