OpptToGive, or Here’s Why We Just Donated to Three of Our Employees’ Favorite Charities!

When our employees exceed expectations, OppLoans rewards them by donating to their favorite charitable causes. We are proud to introduce our new program, OpptToGive!

Posted on: June 09, 2017

What is the Debt to Income Ratio?

Do you have an income? Great! Do you have debt? That can feel less great. Your "Debt to Income Ratio" is a number lenders consider before they decide to approve your loan application. Here's how you can figure yours out.

Posted on: April 20, 2017

Tricks and Tips for Cheaper Car Repairs

Car repairs can be one of the priciest surprise expenses. With tips from our experts, you'll learn how can you can get extra mileage out of your dollar!

Posted on: April 14, 2017

How to Manage a Medical Emergency Without Going Bankrupt

Some things in life are unavoidable. Whether it's a broken bone or a pricey prescription, at some point, you're going to find yourself facing a medical bill. When that happens, will your finances be prepared or will your bank account be vulnerable to injury as well? OppLoans show you how to get your money ready for a medical emergency.

Posted on: April 07, 2017

10 Personal Finance Blog Posts You Should Read Right Now

Cat videos or personal finance advice? It's the internet: you can have both! But let's start with personal finance advice from our favorite bloggers!

Posted on: March 24, 2017

What is the Payday Loan Debt Cycle?

You've heard that payday loans are dangerous. But what are the specific risks and how can you avoid them? Learn how payday lenders try to trap you in a cycle of debt.

Posted on: March 22, 2017

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Out an Installment Loan

You know an installment loan is safer than a payday loan. But what else should you know before you sign on the dotted line? Use these 5 must-ask questions to make sure you're working with a lender as responsible as you are!

Posted on: February 17, 2017

Payday Loan Rollover: How Short-Term Loans Turn Into Long-Term Debt

Payday loans can destroy your personal finances. But how do they do it exactly? Through a uniquely predatory practice called rollover, supposedly "short-term" payday loans become long-term debt traps. Here's what you need to know.

Posted on: February 10, 2017

How (and Why) to Calculate the APR for a Payday Loan

Sure, there are many numbers to know when you borrow money. There's the principal, the interest, the term and more. But what number is the most important? Which is the number, above all others, that you want to be certain you understand? That is the APR. OppLoans breaks it down for you here.

Posted on: February 09, 2017

The Lendee Awards!

Do you watch the Oscars? How about The Razzies? Whether they’re handing out high honors or sharp pokes in the eye, awards season can be a fun way to watch the stars jockey for attention. This year, we're giving it a go with our first annual Lendee Awards! We’ll be handing out hardware to all types lenders and financial products—from the very best to the absolute worst.

Posted on: February 03, 2017