Payday Loans in Santa Barbara: Subprime Report
An OppLoans Guide to Getting The Help You Need

It’s not always easy to make ends meet. Finding a good financial balance in life can be difficult, no matter where you live, Santa Barbara included. Tucked between a beautiful beachfront and the Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara is an undoubtedly gorgeous city. Yet despite its beauty, many people living in Santa Barbara still struggle every day.

Borrowing Money in Santa Barbara

The resources above are not the only ways to get cash assistance. Cash loans in Santa Barbara are also an option. Be careful though, as some lenders may take advantage of your need for quick cash. Make sure that the loan you’re getting isn’t predatory, as these kinds of loans will lead you further into debt. Before agreeing to a cash loan make sure you know that the lender is credible.

Payday Cash Advance Loans in Santa Barbara
High interest and short terms lead to more debt.

It’s hard to avoid ads for “cash advance” or “payday” loans. They’re everywhere, and they can be pushy. But don’t get pushed into a loan you aren’t comfortable with. Many times these loans are very difficult to pay off because of their high interest rates and short terms. If you need fast cash in Santa Barbara you should consider a safer option.

The way it works is simple: the lender will offer you a small, high-interest loan that is to be paid back in full (plus interest and fees) on your next payday. If you aren’t able to make the payment when it’s due, they will add more fees to the loan, and extend it. This leads to customers paying back a lot more over time than they even borrowed. Luckily, California has laws in place to regulate payday loans in Santa Barbara.

The California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law states that cash advance or payday lenders in Santa Barbara are not allowed to give loans for more than $300, and aren’t able to charge more than a 15% finance charge for the amount you borrow. They also regulate the repayment term, which cannot be longer than 31 days.(3)

Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you’re currently having difficulty with a payday loan. They can be reached at (855) 411-2372.

Personal Installment Loans in Santa Barbara
Fast, flexible, fair and five-star loans.

If you’re facing a difficult financial situation and you need a cash loan, consider OppLoans. We offer personal installment loans that may be the solution you need. Our rates are low, and customers rate us 4.9 out of 5 stars for our amazing customer service.

  • Our loans are fast: Apply online and see your cash as quick as the next business day!
  • Our loans are flexible: Affordable payments to fit into your budget, and fixed rates that stay the same throughout the life of the loan.
  • Our loans are fair: OppLoans’ rates are usually 70-125% lower than other personal loans.

OppLoans provides loans between $1,000 and $10,000, with repayment periods between 6 and 36 months. OppLoans will never charge you prepayment, application or origination fees. Call today or visit us online to get a better personal loan.

Contact OppLoans by phone at (800) 990-9130, Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm, or Saturday 9am to 4pm central time. You can also email us at

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