Toledo Payday Loans: Subprime Report
An OppLoans Guide to Getting The Help You Need

Keeping your finances in order is not an easy task. Having an unexpected bill or medical emergency can make it even more difficult. And although Toledo is a great city with art, industry and beautiful views of Lake Erie, it’s still home to many people who struggle with tough financial situations. It may seem difficult to get the help you need, and it might even feel like there’s no way out. But if you’re struggling with finances, substance abuse or homelessness in Toledo, there are services that can provide the assistance you need.

Borrowing Money in Toledo

Sometimes you just need cash on hand to solve a problem. A broken down car, home heating repairs or an unexpected medical bill are all situations that can require some extra cash. In times like these it might make sense to seek out a cash loan in Toledo. But do your research first, because there are a lot of companies that are out to take advantage of you.

Payday Loans in Toledo
An expensive and risky way to borrow.

Getting a payday loan in Toledo is quick and easy. And that’s what these predatory lenders rely on. Although it may be a convenient way to get speedy cash, it may also be a risky and dangerous road to a lifetime of debt. So if you’re looking for a cash loan in Toledo, you’d be wise to find another option.

A payday loan is a small, short-term, high-interest loan that the borrower returns with their next paycheck. Typically the lender will require you to leave a check with them that is dated for your next payday. The check will be for the amount you’re borrowing as well as any additional interest and finance charges. Once that date arrives, the lender will cash the check. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it isn’t.

The problem with these costly loans is that the interest and fees are so high, it becomes difficult to pay it off. This is why, in 2008 a law was passed in Ohio which restricted these predatory lenders. The law states that the most anyone can borrow from a payday lender is $500, for no less than 31 days, with an APR no higher than 28%. This all sounds pretty good. Unfortunately payday lenders in Ohio have found a loophole that lets them issue loans for shorter terms (14 days) and interest rates as high as 600%.(3) Which means payday loans in Ohio are still as risky as ever, but they might go by a different name.

If you’re in need of fast cash, make sure to consider all your options. There are much safer ways to borrow money. If you have questions or complaints about a payday loan in Toledo, reach out to the Ohio Department of Commerce or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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