You duck into the water and the bat swoops right past you, grabbing a bog trout from the marsh in its surprisingly large claws before taking back to the sky.

Good move getting out of the way. You know that title loans have high interest rates that put you at a real risk of having your car repossessed and you know that you're better off not fighting a bayou bat.

You row onwards until you reach the other side of the pond.

After only a few mintues of pushing your way through swamp grass and swamp branches and swamp ferns, you reach a rickety bridge stretched over another expanse of bayou mud.

Nearby you hear the sound of a woman crying. You head towards the sound and see a sobbing elderly woman behind a tree.

"Please sir, would you listen to my tale?"

Ignore her and rush across the bridge, as though you were rushing into a loan without reading its terms.

Agree to listen to her tale.