Fortune City

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Free with additional in-app purchases.

At a Glance:

Build a virtual city by entering your purchases, so you're incentivized to track what you spend.


  • Achievement System


Use it if: You’re looking for a fun way to track your spending, and not necessarily much beyond that. If you don’t want to link your bank or credit cards to an app to automatically track your spending and are worried that you’ll forget about entering transactions manually, building up your virtual town is a great way to incentivize you to record everything you spend.

Like other budgeting apps, Fortune City will create charts based on your spending patterns so you can see where your money is going. Although there are achievements you can get in-game for spending less, the main way you build up your town is by recording your purchases, which, ironically, means you have to spend money more often if you want to grow your town more quickly.

You are limited in how many buildings you can make per day, so you won’t just spend endlessly, but the whole model still runs somewhat counter to the idea of saving money. However, if your main goal is just to track your spending habits, you won’t spend extra just to build more buildings, and you have a saving strategy to work off the information you gather, then this can be a fun way to encourage yourself to mark down your purchases.

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