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At a Glance:

An app that links to your bank account to automatically track and categorize your spending.


  • Alerts
  • Automatic Sorting
  • Automatically Tracks Spending
  • Bill Pay
  • Credit Score
  • Goal Setting
  • Link to Bank
  • Link to Credit Card
  • Phone Support
  • Tax Help


Use it if: You want an app that automatically tracks and organizes your spending so you don’t have to worry about it. You’re comfortable giving the app access to your bank and credit card information (they seem to have pretty intense security) in exchange for automating the budget tracking process. It’s great if you’re concerned about forgetting to pay your bills or worried about accidentally overspending.

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Interview with Kevin Kirn, head of product for Mint

OppLoans: Which Mint features are you most proud of?

Kevin: All-in-One. Available via Web, iOS and Android, Mint presents people with a complete picture of their finances – what they have and what they owe. Understanding where money goes and where to cut back is easy in Mint. Millions use Mint to create budgets, track expenses, discover new ways to save and more.

Bill Pay. Each year, more than 25 percent of Americans miss a bill, opening the door to the trifecta of late fees, increased interest and a potential negative impact to their credit score. These missed payments contributed to more than $77 billion in credit card late fees and interest each year – money that could otherwise help overcome the challenges of living paycheck-to-paycheck, paying off debt, or saving for the future.

Mint is focused on dramatically changing this dynamic by giving people insights and data to help them stay on top of and take action on their money. New bill tracking and payment tools help people never miss a bill or get hit with overdraft and late fees. It’s now easy to pay bills directly from Mint and monitor all accounts from one central place.

Mint provides people with a free credit score and summary (no credit card required), so they can review what their score means, better understand the factors impacting their score, and learn how they can improve it. This feature gives people insights and tools to set their finances on a solid foundation to achieve their financial dreams.

OppLoans: What benefits does Mint provide users?

Kevin: From sticky notes to spreadsheets, calendar reminders, and online banking, there’s no one way to manage finances. And while few people enjoy managing their money, it’s something everyone needs to do. So, whether people start by creating a budget or paying bills, Mint makes it easy to connect with more than 20,000 financial institutions across North America to see everything all in one place. No more toggling from the cable bill to your expense spreadsheet and back to your bank, it’s right there via the Web and mobile – whichever experience makes the most sense.

And when it comes time to save for life’s moments – big and small – Mint provides insights to make those goals a reality with customized alerts and reminders to keep your spending on track each month and throughout the year.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Mint?

Kevin: Mint was created to dramatically simplify the way people manage their money, providing a complete picture of their financial lives across multiple accounts – from account balances to credit cards and other monthly bills. Since 2006, Mint has grown from a platform focused on insights to a central place for people to use insights to take action on their money.

In 2016, Mint helped more than 6 million active users manage nearly $625 billion or more than 4 billion transactions. From budget planning and expense management to bill payments and credit score inquiries, Mint is a daily use tool for millions to stay on top of their financial life, logging nearly 1 billion engagements throughout the year via iOS, Android and Web. Approximately, 80 percent of people using Mint are mobile only or mobile first with 70 percent of people under age 35.

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Kevin: Increasingly, Mint is incorporating intelligent features tailored to the needs of individual users. Recommendations will now be based on personal financial history and goals – giving a sense that “Mint knows me.” Additionally, Mint is focused on delivering notifications that reach people in their “on-the-go” daily lives, pushing the right information at the right time, to take both the work and worry out of staying on top of our money.