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Free, or $2 to remove ads, or $5 to also get some extra features, like additional wallets and event plans.

At a Glance:

A sleek budget app available in many different languages.


  • Alerts
  • Goal Setting
  • Track Receipts


Use it if: You are either willing to spend just a little bit of money or you’re okay with ads. You’d rather input your own transactions than trust an app to do it automatically. The app does allow you to scan and categorize your receipts, which is a feature similar budget apps lack. Overall, it’s a good choice for someone looking for a cheap or free streamlined budget app.

Try it out: App Store, Microsoft StorePlay Store, Browser

A Word From Thanh Cong To, Head of Business Development at Money Lover

Money Lover is a personal finance management solution that helps you get a handle on your finances by effectively managing cash flow, budgets, bills, savings, and even debts across multiple accounts and currencies.

Huy, the founder, created the app by himself when he was in university and used it for his own personal needs. When Money Lover went live on the Google Play Store, he was shocked to find that a lot of people were downloading it and leaving positive feedback. In the next three years, he assembled a team of 15 people to work on Money Lover full-time.

Now, Money Lover is offering native applications on Android, iOS, Windows and the Web, which helps users access it anytime and from any device.

Users simply keep track of their money by manually entering the expense, bill, and setting up budgets. Additionally, they can link Money Lover to their bank accounts and then the app consolidates and categorizes transactions automatically.

In May 2016, Money Lover introduced a Fraud Detection feature which identifies and notifies users about abnormal transactions, double charges or hidden fees. The feature requires a bank account to be linked to Money Lover.

Another cool thing about the app is that it currently supports 34+ popular languages; it has been translated by contributors from the Money Lover global user community.

Money Lover has been nominated as Editors’ Choice and Top Developer by Google and was named a Best of 2016 app.