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At a Glance:

One of the most well-known and established online money transfer systems.


  • Free Transfers
  • International Transfers
  • Link to Bank
  • Link to Credit Card
  • Make Recurring Payments
  • Separate Account


Use it if: You want an easy way to send and receive money, that’s far simpler and somewhat removed from your bank. Paypal has been the standard for online money transfers for a while, and it’s easy to understand why. Setting up an account is simple and you have the option to hold funds in your Paypal account as though it was a bank account. Money transfers between friends (or whomever you deem as your friend) are free, though you’ll pay a small fee for business transfers. In general, it’s a nice online payment option, especially if you don’t feel comfortable letting the person you’re paying or charging know any information beyond your email address.

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