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At a Glance:

Square, the people who gave vendors a little dongle they could stick in their smartphone to accept credit card payments, has developed a money transfer app that allows non-users to send and receive money to and from users.


  • Free Transfers
  • Link to Bank
  • Link to Credit Card
  • Transfer to/from Non-Users


Use it if: You wish similar money transfer apps let you receive funds from people who aren’t users. Square Cash users can claim “cashtags,” which anyone can send money to regardless of if they have a Square Cash account. Artists can leave their “cashtag” as a signature, YouTubers can put it in their videos, etc. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to apps like Venmo or Paypal. Transfers between friends are free unless you’re using a credit card (then there’s a small fee).

Try it out: App StorePlay Store, Browser

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