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Get financial advice to meet your savings goals.


  • Financial Advice
  • Goal Setting
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Use it if: You want some guidance in your financial life. Clarity (@claritymoney) links up with your bank and monitors your expenses, then makes suggestions of how you can save more but cutting out subscriptions or costs in your life. They’ve also partnered with various financial entities to try and get you deals on accounts or cards that could help you spend less. Additionally, you can set specific savings goals and Clarity will help you meet them.

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Clarity Money, Inc.
Interview with Vishal Srivastava, Director of Engineering - Data Science at Clarity Money

OppLoans: What benefits does the Clarity app provide your users?

Vishal: While there are so many personal finance apps on the market that claim to be the premier solution for saving, investing, and budgeting, only Clarity Money has each of these capabilities centralized in one, user-friendly place. And while other PFMs show you an overview of your financial history with no tools to improve financial well-being, Clarity Money empowers its consumers with actionable insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The app presents its users with a dashboard to showcase a holistic view of their finances. From there, users have the ability to take action through canceling recurring subscriptions, negotiating their bills, finding a better credit card, creating a savings account, and investing.

OppLoans: What features are you most proud of?

Vishal: One of the features that our users love is that they are able to cancel subscriptions within the app-  this feature differentiates us from other PFMs on the market. Too often, people unknowingly pay for subscriptions that they no longer use or need – including Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and more. Clarity Money’s technology automatically identifies recurring payments and lets you cancel anytime within the app. Since we launched in 2017, we’ve been able to save our users more than $300,000 in subscription fees, which means more money in our users’ pockets to do things like save and invest in their future.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Clarity?

Vishal:The inspiration behind Clarity Money was to create a tool for consumers to improve their financial well-being at the touch of a button. Banking and financial institutions already have powerful tools in place to sell, market and retain customers. But the consumer didn’t have an equally powerful tool, and that is at the core of what Clarity Money aims to solve. We empower the consumer to have transparency and control of their financial lives.

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Vishal: In July, Clarity Money announced a partnership with Acorns that allows its user to become investors and take advantage of Acorns’ automated investing features. In addition to being available on iOS, the company just launched on Android and desktop, making Clarity Money accessible on any device.