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At a Glance:

Set up fun “rules” to determine when and how much money the app will transfer into a savings account.


  • Alerts
  • Automatic Sorting
  • Automatically Tracks Spending
  • Goal Setting
  • Link to Bank
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Social Features
  • Unique Savings Account


Use it if: You want a savings system that automatically transfers money into a savings account, but you don’t feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of an artificial intelligence. Qapital allows you to set your own rules for when money should be set aside. For example, one of their most popular “rules” is allowing the Qapital to “round up” any purchases you make and put the change into your savings. Qapital won’t transfer any money if your account has less than $100 in it, so you don’t have to worry about accidental overdrafts. It also allows you to easily set goals you’ll be automatically saving up for and share your goals with friends so you can work on saving together.

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Qapital, Inc.
Interview with Nikki Pierce, social media manager at Qapital

OppLoans: What features of Qapital are you most proud of?

Nikki: I think the most exciting thing about Qapital is the options available to make saving money fun. We offer a variety of native Rules that will help you customize your saving – from setting aside a percentage of your direct deposit for taxes, or putting a dollar away each time you hit up your favorite coffee shop. We’ve also partnered with IFTTT, who has written the technology to connect in even more ways – saving when you add a track to your Spotify playlist, use a specific hashtag on Instagram, or each time @POTUS tweets. The possibilities are endless.

OppLoans: What benefits does Qapital provide your users?

Nikki: Aside from the obvious benefits of adding some automation to your savings, I’ve found the most beneficial reason to use Qapital is gaining control and confidence over your financial life. Feeling out of control can be very debilitating. Qapital…well…capitalizes on your already existing spending and behavioral habits, which truly puts you at the helm of your own savings ship. We also offer, in lieu of interest due to the current low rates, a $5 incentive bonus. Instead of saving $5,000 to reach that sum, you can earn it by simply referring a friend.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Qapital?

Nikki: Our creators are Swedish, and they read an article stating that most Americans, when faced with a $400 emergency, claimed they would need to sell something in order to make ends meet. This was an immediate call to action for them. How could they help people save in a practical, fun, and beautiful way? Their goal was simple: create a banking app that people love using. And I believe they’ve done just that!

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Nikki: Oooohhh, we have some secrets up our sleeve! Unfortunately, they’ll be released at a later time. But we’ve got several social channels people can follow to get all the news.

OppLoans: Are there any especially weird rules you’ve seen people set that stand out?

Nikki: The Rules are pretty standard since we control the output of them – the most popular IFTTT Applet in conjunction with Qapital is linking with the customer’s FitBit. People seem to really love saving money each time the International Space Station flies overhead, as well.

The Goals are where it gets fun. People save for things (possibly as jokes) like botox, butt implants, and “my addiction.” We see all kinds of things. The most popular Goals right now are “summer vacation” and traveling to different places.

Our Pinterest has a lot of fun Rule/Applet combos to save for specific items. Based on the Goals you set up, I’m happy to offer fun suggestions for saving (along the lines of, if you’re looking to buy your own espresso machine, setting up a Guilty Pleasure Rule every time you buy coffee).