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At a Glance:

An app that lets you instantly put aside some money into a savings account whenever the urge hits, and also share your saving experience with friends.


  • Alerts
  • Goal Setting
  • Link to Bank
  • Social Features
  • Unique Savings Account


Use it if: You don’t want an overly structured approach to saving. Tip Yourself lets you transfer money at any time from your checking account to a secure savings account. You can “Tip Yourself” as a reward for certain behaviors or just because you feel like it. You can set goals to strive for, and the social features let you share your progress and “tipping” habits with your friends. The app will keep track of how you tip yourself so you can get a picture of the ways and amount you save.

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Tip Yourself
Interview with Mike Lenz, co-founder of Tip Yourself

OppLoans: What features of Tip Yourself are you most proud of?

Mike: Our community. The people that make up the Tip Yourself community are incredible. Money is more than just dollars and cents. For millions of people, money is a lot more emotional. With Tip Yourself we focus on positivity and small shifts in habit. We want to shift the mindset of what it means to save money. Instead of viewing savings as stress and sacrifice; view it as motivation and reward. Stop waiting for “enough” money to save. Put $2.00 in your Tip Jar today. You earned it!

OppLoans: What benefits does Tip Yourself provide your users?

Mike: Tip Yourself makes saving money as easy as spending money. With a few pushes of a button in the Tip Yourself mobile app you can seamlessly transfer as little as $1.00 into your Tip Jar. Skip an impulse purchase you know you didn’t need? Tip Yourself the money you didn’t spend. Push a button. Save Money. You earned it!

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Tip Yourself?

Mike: The inspiration behind Tip Yourself was our recognition that the challenges with money are more emotional than numbers-related for millions of people. However, the existing Personal Finance Industry continues to pump out various chart, numbers, and spreadsheet-based products. It’s not working.

With Tip Yourself, we wanted to build a super easy, fun solution that focuses less on numbers and more on mindset, positivity, and habits. That’s the real way to change behavior and achieve goals. Tip Yourself is taking decades of behavioral psychology research and applying it to our money habits in a fun and engaging community-based experience. You tip everyone else, but what about yourself? Tip Yourself. You earned it!

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Mike: Tons. Too many to list. We’re still a relatively new product and community. We’re just getting started. Our team is super excited to continue to grow and improve the Tip Yourself experience for our community. Signup today! Join us!