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Bad Credit Education Month at OppLoans

Written by
Lane Kareska
Lane Kareska served as the digital marketing director for OppFi where he oversaw strategy, research, and content partnerships.
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Updated on August 26, 2022
Bad Credit Education Month at OppLoans: Check out our full Bad Credit Education Library

We've all got our fingers crossed for a somewhat more-traditional summer. Certainly, there are many reasons for optimism: the housing market is booming, demand for employees is high, and many have saved money and/or paid down high-cost debt during the pandemic.

But the past year and a half has impacted each of us differently.

That's why June is Bad Credit Education Month at the OppU Blog. If your credit score has stagnated or dropped, now is an excellent time to address it.

Or, if you're facing emergency financing needs and simply don't have the credit (or savings) to cover it, there could be viable solutions

The OppU Guide to Bad Credit Loans is our ultimate guide to the ins and outs of borrowing money even if you're worried about bad credit holding you back.

Our guide provides clear answers to the basics such as:

  • "What is Bad Credit?"
  • "How do Bad Credit Loans Work?"
  • "Are Bad Credit Loans Safe?"

You can check out the guide here: Guide to Bad Credit Loans

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