20 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts


Chocolate. And flowers. And dinner—and that’s before you even think about getting your significant other a gift. When planning a romantic Valentine’s Day, it’s all too easy to drain your checking account, load up purchases on your credit card, and generally make some spending choices that’ll end up hurting you long-term.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the cheap. And the same is true for gifts. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 20 awesome Valentine’s gifts that all just so happen to be super affordable too. Enjoy!


1. For the Chocoholic With Dietary Restrictions

Get them the gift of spooning chocolate from CocoaCanard.com. It may be gluten and dairy free, but once this pure, non-bitter dark chocolate melts in a cup of hot water, you won’t know the difference. Think of it as the espresso of hot chocolate. Cocoa Canard’s spooning chocolate gift set comes with a canister of spooning chocolate, a spooning mugs, and a personalized linen stationary gift card and envelope, all for only $19.99. You can also check them out on Facebook.

2. For the Romantic Who Just Needs to Find the Right Words

Need a new way to say I love you? Then What I Love About You is the Valentine’s gift you’ve been looking for. This inventive, fill-in-the blank book will help you say “what is in your heart, but may not always be at the tip of your tongue.” It’s chockfull of fun, romantic checklists, short answers, and phrases, that you and your partner can play through together. What I Love About You comes from bestselling journal-creators and husband-wife team Kate & David Marshall, and is available for only $13.95!

3. For the Movie Buff in Your Life

If your significant other is the kind of person whose idea of a good date may or may not include dinner but definitely includes a movie, then why not order them a movie poster from JustMoviePosters.com? They have posters from hundreds of different films, most of which range from $8 to $15. And if you want to make the gift a little bit fancier, you can buy an inexpensive frame at your local target or Wal-Mart.

4. For the Person Whose Path to Their Heart Runs Through Their Stomach

Sure, a home-cooked meal can be delicious, but it can also be so much more than that. Author Amy Reilly has written critically acclaimed aphrodisiac cookbooks including Fork Me, Spoon Me, and Romancing the Stove. Both books are available for under $20.

5. For the Person Who’s Always Digging Around for Their Keys

If your significant other has to basically mount a search party every time she needs to get her keys out of her purse, then a Finders Key Purse® from the good folks at Isn’t This Clever might just be the perfect gift. You simply attach your keys to the purse key clip clasp and then keep the key holder hanging over the edge of your bag or over an inside pocket. They have tons of awesome designs to choose from, and the purses only cost $6.95!

6. For the Person Who Appreciates a Woodsy Touch

Normally, just getting your significant other a card for Valentine’s Day would be considered a no-no. But with a beautiful, wood-carved “Bee Mine” card from Indigo Ember, that can be a romantic gift all by itself. You can order a card for only $9.00, and you can add a personalized message to your sweetheart (maximum 120 characters, including spaces) for an additional $400.

7. For the Person Who Appreciates Being Pampered

Nothing says “I love you” like giving the gift of self-care. A massage, a warm, scented bath, a clean smelling bed—these are the ways you can express your love when you get your wife or girlfriend the Love at First Sight™ Romance Gift Set  from The Medical Mommas. The set includes a rollerball, a bath book, massage oil, and linen spray, all for only $24.99! Follow The Medical Mommas here on Facebook.

8. For the Person Who’s Constantly Fighting With Knots in Their Ear Buds

The best gifts are ones that say “I love you” while still being useful in your partner’s day to day life. Enter, the Magneat Big Heart by OnanOff. This simple, stylish accessory helps keep your earbuds untangled at all times, saving you a lot of time and hassle. This particular design comes with a big red heart that serves a nice little daily reminder of the love that you and your partner share.

9. For the Person Who Loves Playing Games

If you want to give your partner the gift of shaking up your everyday routine, this try the Kisses 4 Us box. This soft-touch laminated box contains 30 Unique Kiss Cards—each of which explains a different type of kiss, plus extra trivia, fun facts, and additional kissing tips. Each box also come with 5 “Create Your Own” Cards; and an Idea Book. You can and your spouse can practice these new kisses once a day, or all at once. The choice is up to you. The Kisses 4 Us Box is only $19.99, or $24.99 if you buy it with a special gift bag.

10. For the Person Who’s Always Turning up the Thermostat

Having trouble staying warm this winter? Then why not give your significant other a gift from Heat Holders, the USA’s leading thermal sock brand.  Their Ladies Lounge Socks are perfect for romantic night in, while their men’s Ankle Slipper Socks are great for a fun tromp through a wintery wonderland. And Heat Holders has more than just socks! Their Thermal Oversized Throw blanket might be just the thing for you and your partner to cuddle up under during a long February night.

11. For the Love of Your Life Who Also Needs a Phone Case

Is your significant other the kind of person who has a cute photo of you two as their smart phone lock screen? Well why not give them a smart phone case that’s got an even cuter photo printed on it. With Skinit custom phone cases, you can upload a photo to create a personalized, one of a kind case for your sweetie. The cases are only $35, which is a great price to combine such a sweet romantic gesture with the sturdiness of a good phone case.

12. For the Person Who Loves Homemade Chai Tea.

Chai tea is one of the few drinks that can really hit the spot as your trying to make it through the long, dark winter months. And if your significant other is a real chai-head (that’s totally a thing, we checked) then they will flip for this gift box from Prana Chai. The box includes a 250g Masala Blend Prana Chai Bag, a 14oz Stainless Steel Turkish Teapot, a Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer, a Robert Gordon Chai Mug, and a Prana Chai recipe booklet—a $62 retail value that Prana Chai is offering for only $42. Follow Prana Chai on Facebook.

13. For the Person Who Adores Those Personal Touches

The craft of the handwritten love letter has gone the way of the dinosaur, the dirigible, and the dodo, but that hasn’t stopped the good folks at Punkpost from bringing it back! Here’s how it works: you choose a letter, send them the text, and they turn it into a gorgeous, personalized handwritten card that they mail on your behalf. You can choose a card from their special Valentine’s day collection and send your beloved a handwritten card today, free of charge. That’s right, because your first card through Punkpost is free!

14. For the Person Who Needs a Little Help to Relax

People who are constantly on the go usually have trouble relaxing. And if you don’t have the kind of extra income to spend on regular massages, then it can be especially hard to take care of stress. That’s why the Bodyworks Ball is such a perfect gift. It’s a simple massage tool that people can use to get some easy relief. IT’s specially designed to not damage or mark-up walls, meaning that you can use it pretty much anywhere you go! Reasonably priced at only $34.99, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

15. For the Person Who Owns More Crystals Than Pairs of Socks

If your significant other’s chakras are a little out of whack these days, then get them the gift of some good ol’ fashioned crystals from Little Box of Rocks. And if you’re looking for something romantic Valentine’s Day, then the Moonstruck (Romance) box should do you nicely, and it’s only $35.00! From the Little Box of Rocks website:  Infused with the energy of hot, lunar passion, this bouquet was created as an expression of wild and feverish love. Instead of flowers, send a little bit of secret magic to the mesmerizing soul who’s got you Moonstruck and watch your beloved go weak in the knees.

16. For the Person Whose Sweet Tooth Has a Sense of Adventure

Want to get your sweetheart a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? Well why don’t you skip the chocolates and get them something unique instead? With a lollipop from Lollyphile.com you can give your partner a gift that’s both surprising and delicious. They have lots of different flavors, some more unexpected than others. You ever wanted to try a pizza-flavored lollipop? Well don’t worry, Lollyphile’s got you covered. You can get for lollipops of a single flavor for only $8.00, or get one of their mix packs for only $12.00!

17. For the Health-Conscious Person Who Still Craves Tasty Treats

The flipside of giving your partner a bunch of candy for Valentine’s Day is that, well, candy isn’t actually all that good for you! Or at least, most candy isn’t. The hard candies from Cracked Candy are sugar-free, vegan and diabetic safe, and they’re even good for your teeth. (If you’re dating a dentist, this is 100 percent the gift for them.) These candies come in four delicious flavors—Cinnamon, Mellow Orange, Zesty Lemon and Peppermint Ice—and you can order an 8-pack for only $37.99.

18. For the Person Whose Lips Are Constantly Dry

Winter can be a nightmare for people with sensitive or dry lips, so why not give your partner the gift of soft, moisturized lips? (Not to mention that it makes them way more kissable). Flask Brands makes their lip balms using only 5 natural ingredients, including peppermint essential oil for flavor. And here’s the best part: You can order them with individual gift wrapping for only $5.99—shipping included!

19. For Both the Man Who Loves Style and the Man Who Needs Some Style Assistance

Subscribing to monthly gift boxes is all the rage these days. And while these boxes are awesome, they can also represent a monthly expense that folks on a tight budget can’t afford. But with the Styled Man Box, you can order a one-time box, filled with 4-6 practical men’s goods, gadgets and stylish accessory upgrades, all for only $39.99 And if you do decide to subscribe monthly, your box will be personalized just for you!

20. For When Your Valentine Is Actually Your Pet

For lots of people, their greatest love in life isn’t a person; it’s a furry little friend. (Trust us, we totally get it.) If you want to show your pet how much you appreciate them, then give them the gift of proper identification. These fun, colorful LOVE tag from Twigo Tags are not only affordable, but they’re incredibly simple to personalize. Just write your info on the tag, boil it to seal the ink, and then loop it on your pet’s collar. Each tag is only $8.00!

Having a fun, romantic Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean heartbreak for your bank account. For other great ways to save, check out our blog with relationship expert Samantha Daniels for some great, affordable date ideas. And if you have some awesome ideas of your own, let us know at @OppLoans!

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