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Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn

Kevin started his career in finance with Prudential Insurance in 1988. Five years later, he wrote his first financial article for the Everett Advocate, a small local newspaper with a seasoned editor who convinced Kevin to consider a career in journalism.

Kevin has held several positions over the years, including a stint as a financial editor for Investors Prism. He’s a member of the New York Financial Writers Association, a Power MBA graduate, and a financial coach for SMBs in Massachusetts.  

During his thirty-year career as a journalist, Kevin has written for some of the top financial service providers in the industry, including American Express, Prudential, and Bluevine Bank. He’s also published several eBooks on finance and investing.    

While building an impressive portfolio as a financial writer, Kevin has also worked as a fintech coach with several startups. He helped Blueleaf Wealth, one of his most successful ventures in that arena, win a “Wealthie Award” for Best Data Aggregation in 2023. 

Today, Kevin D. Flynn lives a quiet life in Leominster, Massachusetts with his wife Evelyn, two cats, and ten wonderful grandchildren. When he’s not writing, you’ll find him at the golf course or on his back porch reading classic Sci-Fi novels.

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