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Choose what kind of deals you'd like to see and have them presented to you all in one place.


  • Deal Alerts


Use it if: You love deals! Tell the app what kind of deals you want to be informed about and you’ll be able to scroll through relevant offers. You can also receive daily emails with deals relevant to your interest. There’s a paragraph filled with details to go along with each deal, so you can get a full picture of the offer. Some of the deals are coupons you can redeem right on your phone, while others will make you aware of sales happening online or in store. There’s a wide range of deals, so you can probably find something that will match your interest.

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Interview with Marek Dzik, product manager, mobile, Brad’s Deals

OppLoans: What benefits does the Brad’s Deals app provide your users?

Marek: The Brad’s Deals app is a quick, convenient way to see the newest deals. The user interface is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to scan through the deals and share those you like with your friends and family. Users also can save deals for later.

OppLoans: What features are you most proud of?

Marek: We’re personalizing your app experience right from the launch. The “My Deals” feature suggests deals that you may be interested in based on your category preferences.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Brad’s Deals?

Marek: We knew that we had a lot of users who were going to on their mobile devices, and we wanted to make their experience more personal and simpler to navigate than mobile web. Since launch, we’ve gotten a lot of positive commentary from a very loyal user base, and their feedback is always helping to drive improvements and new features.

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Marek: We’re always working on ways to further personalize the app experience. Currently, we’re working on Deal Alerts. Users can tell us what they’re looking for, and we’ll send them an alert when we find a matching deal.