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7 of the Best Deals Apps

Andrew Tavin, CFEI
Andrew Tavin is a personal finance writer who covered budgeting with expertise in building credit and saving for OppU. His work has been cited by Wikipedia, Crunchbase, and Hacker News, and he is a Certified Financial Education Instructor through the National Financial Educators Council.
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Updated on June 27, 2022
woman with curly hair holding coffee and looking at 7 of the best deals apps on her smartphone
Grab your mobile device and start saving your pennies on purchases one app at a time.

We are going to say something controversial right now: No one likes paying more money than they have to pay, regardless of the purchase. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can save money. 

While the internet has made it easier than ever to research the best prices for every item on your shopping list, using Google at random is not going to get you the maximum savings. 

Grab your device, whether it be Android or iOS, and consider these deals apps. You could even use multiple apps and turn every Friday into Black Friday. Or turn every Monday into Cyber Monday. Or turn every Tuesday into Cash Back Tuesday, a day we just made up. 

Deals app No. 1: Raise 

Gift cards can inspire different feelings in different people. Some people appreciate a well-chosen gift card, since it shows that the gift giver knew enough about the recipient to have a sense about where they would want to shop.

Other people see them as worse than cash, because you can only spend them at one company. Regardless of how you feel about gift cards, you can use Raise to turn them into savings. Raise is a gift card marketplace for buyers and sellers.

If you were given a gift card that you have no interest in using, you can use Raise to set a price and get regular money for selling it.

As a buyer, you can use the Raise mobile app to save money on items you are planning to buy anyway. You could even check your smartphone while waiting in line at any major retailers that offer gift cards, or while shopping at online stores.  

Deals app No. 2: Groupon

You may have heard of Groupon, but have you heard of it in app form? Whatever device you’re using, Groupon will allow you to see a wide variety of local deals all around you. If you’d rather get away, you can choose from a range of vacation options.

If you choose to sign up for deal alerts, you can be notified when there are sales or discount codes on deals from your favorite stores.

Deals app No. 3: Slickdeals

Do you wish there could be a social media site dedicated to deals? Well, that isn’t exactly Slickdeals is, but it’s pretty close. 

Slickdeals features forums of deal seekers who highlight the best deals they can find, and then the community votes on their favorites, so the best of the best deals rise to the top. You might not have the time to check Walmart AND Target AND eBay AND Amazon AND a thousand other stores, but through the magic of crowdsourcing you can let the hive mind do the work for you.

Deals app No. 4: DealNews

If you’re tired of risking your credit card with sketchy online shopping deals or getting fooled by broken promo codes, then DealNews might be for you. DealNews sniffs out the best deals they can find and delivers hundreds of them to you each day.

At the moment of writing, deals for Chewy, Chamberlain, Rakuten, and Omaha Steaks are featured at the top of their site. Do none of those appeal to you? Then you can search through thousands of other deals to find everything on your wish list.

Deals app No. 5: Brad’s Deals

If you tell Brad’s Deals what’s on your shopping list , you’ll get regular updates whenever those sorts of deals arise. Brad’s Deals tracks sales, coupon codes, and more, and with the app you can use those deals while you walk through Best Buy (or any other store) during the holiday season. 

That’s right, the app works at any place and any time. Can you say that about other shopping apps?

Yes you can, but there’s no reason to choose just one! As of now there is no legal restriction against having multiple deal apps on your phone at once, and if you vote for us in 2020, there never will be.

Deals app No. 6: Coupon Sherpa

Clipping coupons has a certain tactile appeal, but it is a bit old fashioned. Coupon Sherpa is the coupon clipping of the future. While clipping coupons inside the store you’re standing in might be frowned upon, you can use Coupon Shera to bring up coupons on the fly and redeem them right at the register. 

Deals app No. 7: ShopSavvy

Barcode scanners are cool. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the power of a bar code scanner that didn’t just tell you what an item costs, but also allowed you to make price comparisons with other stores in your area? If you agree, then check out ShopSavvy to save money when you shop. You can use your smartphone to scan bar codes and see if the product is available cheaper elsewhere or online. 

If that’s too futuristic for you, you can also search product names manually. 

Cheap is good, but free is better

All of these apps, at least in their basic form, are free to use so you can try them all out and find the one you like best. You can even use multiple apps as we have already explained that no law in the land will stop you. 

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