Credit Reflections: Credit

How you use your money and your credit can tell you a lot about yourself and your priorities.

Now that you understand what credit is, use the space below to circle your answers to these questions. This isn’t a quiz! This is an exercise designed to give you a better understanding of your current credit character. Be thoughtful and honest, and you’ll see how you use credit today—and what that might say about your financial future.


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Now, add up each number that you circled and write down the total

23: You’re a credit professor! You understand how to make your credit work for you and you’re probably doing a fantastic job of paying your bills on time, maintaining a very high credit score, and you’ll save money on interest rates when you borrow money.

17—22: You’re a credit senior! Congrats! You use credit well, you pay more than the minimum on your credit card bills every month and you’ve probably got a pretty good credit score. Credit isn’t a major problem for you.

14—17: You’re a credit junior! Not bad! You’re probably managing your credit well enough to stay above water. You may even be able to save a little money every month too. There’s room for improvement, but you’re not in credit freefall.

10—14: You’re a credit sophomore! Things might not be great, but they could be worse. You have some credit cards and you’re struggling to pay them off on time, but through better management, you can improve your credit character.

5—10: You’re a credit freshman! The good news is there’s nowhere to go but up! You might feel overwhelmed today, but we can turn this around together so you can start living a better financial life tomorrow!

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