Credit Reflections: Credit Score

You’ve done it! You checked your credit report and your credit score. The hard part is over. Congrats! Now let’s take a minute and reflect on what this new information means.

1.) The national average credit score is 687. What is yours?


2.) Finish this sentence: My credit score is….

a. Very low. I really need to improve it if I want to have more financial freedom.

b. Not horrible, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

c. Average. I’m not doing worse than most Americans, but I’m certainly not doing much better.

d. Strong. I’m feeling pretty good about my credit score right now.


3.) Improving your credit score is usually just a matter of reevaluating your spending habits, making changes to how you spend money, paying off debt and freeing up credit on your cards. What is holding you back from accomplishing this today? List your challenges.

(Example) my income is too low.


4.) What are the steps you will take today to address your challenges?

(Example) I can pick up extra shifts at work for more money


5.) Take a few minutes and think about what you’ve learned about your credit, your credit report and your credit score. It all adds up to a picture of your trustworthiness or your creditworthiness—essentially, it’s your “credit character.” How does yours make you feel? Is your credit score an accurate depiction of your character? If not, what lead to this score? How can you change your behavior and your thinking about money to improve your credit character over time? Write down what you’ve learned, how this makes you feel, and what steps you’re going to take next to build your credit and your character.



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