How to Finance a Medical Emergency

An OppLoans E-Book

OppLoans: Expert Advice - Medical Debt

Kevin Gallegos VP of Operations for Freedom Financial Network

“Common medical bill errors include being billed twice for a service, paying for something that should be covered by your insurance, and finding a charge for a service you did not receive. If you find any errors on your medical bills, call the provider’s billing department or your insurance company promptly!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Hospitals and insurance companies typically have case workers on staff who can help interpret bills, estimate costs and resolve payment issues. There are also charitable foundations, churches, community groups and government agencies that can provide short- or long-term financial relief. Additionally, some hospitals are required by state law to provide free or reduced services (called “charity care”) to low-income patients. Ask to talk with the hospital, provider and/or insurance company case worker and determine what’s available to you and what you are eligible for.”

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