Aaron Lesher, CPA with Hurdlr

“You can do your taxes a couple ways: yourself, with the help of online software, or in-person with a professional tax preparer. To do taxes yourself, you can use this [IRS] site to file for free or download fillable forms, depending on your income level. If you paid more taxes throughout the year than you owed, the government will send you a check for the difference, called a refund. In rare cases you might owe the IRS additional taxes at the end of the year, especially if you freelance or own your own business.”

Larry Ludwig, Founder and editor in chief of Investor Junkie

“Taxes aren’t that bad: If you have a W-2 or a 1099, or maybe one of each, you can complete your taxes on your own. In fact, I recommend you complete your taxes on your own. It’s important to learn the basics of the tax code and this is possible when you use an online software like TurboTax or H&R Block because they actually educate you WHILE you are filling in the numbers. It’s pretty awesome. That said, if you have a complicated situation at all—use a professional.”

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