Hire a human

If you don’t want to entrust your taxes to a robot, you can always hire a human tax professional. Companies such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are chock full of people who are ready and waiting to help you with your taxes. Although the cost varies from person to person, you can probably expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-200 to have your return done at one of these large tax preparation offices.23

There are different types of tax professionals with different levels of training and experience.

The more training and experience a tax professional has, the more their services will cost you.

Different types of tax professionals include:

Tax preparers: Tax preparers are the most inexpensive tax professionals. This is because they may not have a lot of training. In most states, they are not required to be licensed. However, if your tax situation isn’t too complicated, a tax preparer can probably handle your taxes just fine.

Enrolled agents (EAs): Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who must be licensed by the IRS. They are allowed to represent you in the event of a tax audit.

Certified public accountants (CPAs): CPAs have significant training and specialized expertise. Their services can cost you around $100 an hour.

Tax attorneys: Tax attorneys are the top-of-the-pile tax professionals. If you have a complicated tax problem (maybe you do own four mansions and have offshore accounts in the Bahamas) you might need their services, but it’ll cost you $200-300/hour. Fortunately, hiring a tax attorney isn’t necessary for most of us.24

There are some pros and cons to hiring someone else to do your taxes. An experienced tax professional may find ways to save you money, and will certainly save you some time. Of course, you have to pay for their services, and you can’t always be sure they have much more experience with taxes than you do.

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