Personal Loans in Florida

You know who loves Florida? Everybody.

The Sunshine State’s weather, attractions and coastline make it a highly visited US state. This popular retirement destination is also home to major cities, multiple industries, rich international cultures and, not least of all, a notably low tax rate. In many ways, Florida is America’s playground.

But that doesn’t mean life is always easy for everyone in Florida. In fact, household and family income are below the national median.

Florida’s a big state (the 22nd by area, in case you were curious) so there may be big differences in economic standing from community to community. Bottom line: Florida can be a great place to live or vacation, if you have the means.

If you’re hurting financially in Florida right now, you’re not alone. If your savings are low or your access to credit is limited, you may even be considering borrowing money.

There are many types of personal loans available in Florida including personal installment loans, payday loans, auto loans, title loans, and more. All loans are NOT created equal. For instance, even though payday loans are legal in Florida, they are not advisable if you can get a loan at a better interest rate.

For those seeking a loan in Florida, many other options are potentially available (don’t forget about asking to borrow from close friends and family members), including personal loans from banks and credit unions, credit card limit extensions, community lending circles, and more.

Taking out a loan is a big decision and some options are safer than others. So if you’re considering taking out a personal loan in Florida, it is always advisable to do your research, talk with professionals, and carefully consider all your options so you can make the best financial choice for you and your family.

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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® credit score!4

Details of Our Bank Lending Partners’ Florida Personal Loans



Our Lending Partners offer online personal loans in Florida. You can apply on the OppLoans website by clicking the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page. OppLoans is licensed to service personal loans in Florida for our bank lending partners.



In Florida, a typical loan serviced through the OppLoans website may be for a principal amount between $500 and $4,000 dollars.4



The typical repayment term offered for a loan in Florida serviced through the OppLoans website may be between 9 and 18 months4 (you can always repay early without penalty!).



The annual percentage rate (APR) for a personal loan in Florida serviced through the OppLoans website is 160%.4 (APR is the price the borrower pays for borrowing money.)

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Rates of Our Bank Lending Partners’ Florida Personal Loans

The annual percentage rate (APR) for a personal loan in Florida offered by our Bank Lending Partners and serviced through OppLoans is 160%.4 OppLoans charges simple interest and may be able to work with you to structure a flexible repayment plan.

APR is the price the borrower pays for borrowing money. This is a critical number to know when you’re borrowing. If your lender (or potential lender) hides this information or won’t answer your questions clearly, consider other options. You should understand the cost of borrowing money before you sign anything.

Paying Off Your Personal Loan in Florida

If a friend or family member gives you money as a gift, that’s great! Or perhaps, they’ll lend you money with the expectation of being paid back without interest. That’s great too. But those situations can be very rare.

If you’re borrowing money in Florida from a lender like a bank or credit union, you’ll be expected to repay what you borrow (the principal of a loan) plus interest (the cost of borrowing that money, most often expressed as an annual percentage rate or APR).

Before you take out a loan in Florida, you’ll want to make sure you clearly understand the cost of doing so. There are many details to know, but perhaps the three most critical pieces of information to grasp before you borrow are the loan’s principal, annual percentage rate (APR), and term. This will enable you to understand how much you’ll end up paying (and when) for the use of the money you’re borrowing.

All of this information about your personal loan in Florida should be clear and easy to find from your lender.

It’s important to understand if you can afford to repay a loan in Florida before you borrow one. Why? Because repaying a loan in Florida matters. If a borrower fails to repay, or chooses not to, that borrower could default on the loan.

Defaulting on a loan can expose borrowers to multiple problems including being sent to collections and a negative impact to the borrower’s credit history—this can stay on credit reports for seven years!

Why Choose OppLoans?

Let’s say you have a job, you pay your rent, you pay your bills, and you take care of your responsibilities. But if an unexpected financial emergency—like an expensive and unforeseen car repair—were to strike, could you afford it? Many of us couldn’t.

In these situations, many people turn to borrowing. But it’s critical to remember that not every loan (and not every lender) is the same. We never recommend borrowing from the first storefront lender you drive by or find in an online search. It’s always advisable to do your research when considering borrowing money.

Loans serviced through the OppLoans platform are frequently borrowed by customers who have been unable to get traditional personal loans from banks or credit unions but don’t want to borrow from riskier lenders.

Also, loans offered through OppLoans in Florida may be funded as soon as the same business day.1 Our teams of highly trained Loan Advocates want to speak with you to answer your questions.

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What types of loans in Florida don’t require a credit check?

There are many types of loans and many types of lenders. It’s common for traditional lenders like banks and credit unions to run a “credit check” on potential borrowers. Why? So the lender can make a decision about how likely that person is to repay the loan principal and interest.

Many potential loan borrowers in Florida are wary of credit checks because they’ve heard that checking credit can actually harm credit. (A hard credit inquiry can actually impact a credit score.)

Floridians who apply for a loan serviced through OppLoans can rest assured: we don’t perform a hard credit inquiry on your credit report. Instead, OppLoans uses credit report information provided by Clarity Services and Experian, which does not impact your credit score or appear on your credit report.2

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Yes! It is possible to get a loan in Florida if you have bad credit.

It may seem like a serious dilemma: You need to borrow money because you have bad credit, but you also can’t get approved to borrow money because you have bad credit! What to do?

Many Floridians in this situation will seek “bad credit loans.” But what is a bad credit loan and is it right for you?

Financial products marketed toward people with low credit scores are sometimes called “bad credit loans.” Not all of these products are identical and borrowers would be well-advised to do their research before entering into any loan contract.

If a borrower has “bad credit”, that could be interpreted as a sign that they are less likely to repay what they owe. For that reason, the lender may charge more interest or require collateral (like a car title) before lending money to that individual.

Loans serviced through the OppLoans website in Florida don’t require a traditional credit check2 and are never secured by collateral like a car title.

So if you have bad credit and need a loan in Florida, OppLoans may be able to help you!

As with everything in the world of personal finance, some financial products are safer than others. Loan borrowers in Florida would be well advised to do their research and seek only loans they can afford (check the annual percentage rate!) from reputable lenders.

We recommend interacting with reputable and established lenders, licensed in Florida. (How do you know if they’re reputable? See what others have to say about them. Google potential lenders and check their user reviews.)

Florida regulates many financial products available in the state. If you need a loan in Florida, you’ll have lots of options, but not all of them are equal.

Whether you need a personal loan, a new line of credit, or a credit extension, do your research and make sure you’re working with a reputable and licensed Florida lender. (The Florida Office of Financial Regulation is a great place to start.)

OppLoans is licensed to service personal loans in the state of Florida for its Bank Partners.

The first step in applying for a loan through OppLoans is to fill out our online loan application. To be eligible for a lending product through OppLoans, potential borrowers must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a bank account (checking or savings account)
  • Reside in one of the states in which we currently operate
  • Have a regular source of income (Income can be from employment or from benefits including Social Security, Disability, etc. Please note: alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income is optional to include)
  • Receive income through direct deposit

  • Loan Amount: $500-$4,000
  • Repayment Term: 9-18 Months
  • APR: 160%

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2OppLoans may use credit report information provided by Clarity Services and Experian as part of the application process to determine your creditworthiness. Neither credit inquiry will appear as a hard credit inquiry on your Experian credit report and therefore they will not affect your FICO score.

4Installment loan amounts typically range from $500 to $4,000. Annual percentage rate (APR) ranges from 160% to 179%. Installment loan lengths range from 9 to 18 months. Example: A $2,000 installment loan repayable in 9 monthly payments would have an APR of 160% and monthly payments of $394.58. Loan amount may vary by state, please see for additional information. This is an expensive form of credit and you should determine whether our product(s) meets your financial needs.


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