Borrower Details Nevada Title Loan Ordeal

Inside Subprime: Aug 3, 2018

By Aubrey Sitler

While battling ovarian cancer and a steady inflow of medical bills, Nevada resident Melanie Lindsay opted to take out a car title loan in an attempt to make ends meet. Now, after a disastrous ordeal, she’s speaking out against her title lender and advising others who are facing financial instability not to resort to a title loan.

Lindsay thought that the $300 title loan she took out would help her when she was having a hard time paying for her cancer treatment, medicine, and costs of daily living. However, after having paid back $200 of the $300 cash advance she borrowed from a Nevada title and payday lender, she received a notice stating that she still owed another $460, amounting to a whopping $660 (or 220%) total payout for a $300 title loan.

When Lindsay couldn’t pay the full amount back on time, her lender repossessed her car. According to Lindsay, not only did they break her gate to take possession of the vehicle (which is illegal); they took it without notice and with Lindsay’s driver’s license, bills, and prescription medication inside.

As Lindsay reported to her local news channel: “[My car] is my life.  It’s my means of transportation. It’s too hot here for me or anyone else with my condition to be walking around. It’s not fair… I can’t get to my treatments. I can’t do anything…All the medication I’m taking, it says not to be in the heat.

Lindsay tried to get in touch with the lender, but she says the only call she received in return was from a blocked phone number at 2am: “They said… you’re not getting your car back. You might as well stop trying.'”

Her local news team also tried to contact the lender on Lindsay’s behalf, but to no avail. Nevertheless, the car was returned to her shortly thereafter, complete with Lindsay’s license, bills, and medication still in the car.

Lindsay wants to use this horrific experience to warn others not to seek out title loans. She says: “I want people to know, do not pawn your car. There’s resources out here you can go to the food bank; you can go to Salvation Army to get what you need. These people will help you I have food stamps right now. I’m getting Medicaid, right now.  Do not pawn your car. Do not pawn your title.”

And she’s right. There are other resources available in Las Vegas and in other cities and states across the country.