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I am having trouble with bank verification. What should I do?

There are multiple reasons the bank verification step may not be successful. Below are the most common errors and tips for success:

  • Ensure you are using a stable Internet / Wifi connection.
  • If your banking institution is not listed, you can manually upload 90 days worth of bank statements through your online portal. Log into your OppLoans account, click Upload Documents on the right menu, choose your files to upload, and then submit. 
  • Attempt logging into your bank account to ensure your banking login credentials are correct. Click through any promotions, updates, or personal verification to ensure you are able to view your account. When complete, please attempt bank verification again.
  • Ensure your online banking account has your current phone number and email for multi-factor authentication. This includes updating your security questions when logging into your account.

Most common errors – 

Invalid / Incorrect CredentialsUser incorrectly entered their credentialsVerify your credentials are accurate and attempt the process again.
Invalid MFA (multi-factor authentication)User incorrectly submitted answers or codes for multi-factor authentication.Re-enter the MFA selections, code, or question answers. Verify your information is up to date and accurate by logging into your online bank account.
Account LockedUser’s account is locked. Most commonly due to entering credentials incorrectly too many times.Contact your financial institution or log into your online bank account to resolve the issue and unlock your account.
Account Not Yet Authorized for Online UseUser’s online bank account is not fully set up at their financial institution.Contact their financial institution or log into your online bank account to complete setting up your account.
Account Not Supported / No Accounts AvailableThe type of account with your financial institution or the type of MFA used is not supported.Attempt to connect with a different type of account, specifically the checking account that receives the majority of your direct deposits. 
Institution or Service is Down, Not Responding, Not AvailableBank or provider is temporarily down, preventing user from connecting their account. Most commonly due to website maintenance.Attempt to connect at a later time. Verify your banking institution is no longer down, by contacting or logging into your online bank account.


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